Of all the liars among mankind, the fisherman is
the most trustworthy.



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Welcome back to Fish-Works, if you have been away for awhile we think you will like where we are going with the new forum. It's taken some time and doing but the site is back up and running and we have implemented some new features to help combat the onslaught of spammers who essentially took over the site and brought about a server crash in 2012. Most if not all of our information was lost and we were left to rebuild.

It's not been a fast and easy process but I felt the site still deserved my time and attention and so here we go again and with some hard work and help from others I'll work to rebuild the site and make it available to all our fishing friends up and down the Pacific coast from Alaska to southern Mexico.

The new site provides anglers from Alaska, Canada, Washington, Oregon, Northern California, Southern California and Mexico a place to congregate and share fishing everything fishing. At this point I have reimplemented the forum. I will continue to build on that and in a short while with enough interest I'll launch a live IRC Channel where anglers can meet and discuss everything fishing in a live time environment.

I'm rebuilding our contact list so you will need to re-register if you an existing member. That way I can keep you posted on all the upcoming events. If you would like to do more than read and share fishing reports, I can use some help with moderating the forum and eventually the IRC Channel. If you have some experience in this area that would be helpful but not mandatory. I can provide you with some basic instructions.

RThanks for visiting our site and I invite you to read through our forum and hopefully you'll decide that you would like to stick around and become a part of a fast growing community.


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