Fish-Works Shares

* Please note that is under construction, with an anticipated completion date of April 1st, 2017.

The original Fish-Works, started out with a small handful of local anglers, sending the, then administrator, emails with photos attached sometimes, that included a few words about where they had been fishing, what they were using to catch, and any other details that might help the next guy or gal out with their fishing successes, that he would then manually post to  a reports page and share that info with whoever wanted to visit his site and read.

That simple concept took off like wildfire, with hundreds and then thousands of members visiting the site year round. It was clear to him that he had created a monster that he couldn’t possibly keep up with and so he recruited myself to help bring about some structure that would allow anglers to visit and of their own accord share their fishing experiences.

As the popularity of the site continued to grow, it became clear that a structured online community was the solution and so you have as you see it today.  We are attempting to  provide anglers from up and down the USA’s Pacific Coast, both inland and offshore, with a place where they can find absolutely everything they need or want in the way of fishing in one central  online location.


Fish-Works Shares